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How did we come up with the idea of creating SEGWAY FUN TOURS?

A few years ago, one of us thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy a few Segways and organize an activity through the Grand Palladium resort with them, although the idea was a bit unclear at first. It didn’t take too long to finally land the idea. It was clear for us which model we needed: the X2!

Segway Fun Tours Resort - 1

These were some of our thoughts:

  • The resort already offered most of what a guest would need to enjoy their vacation, so we wanted to take that further. It was unquestionable that a machine such as the Segway X2 would be an original and fun way to enjoy the resort. Thus, the tour should be made for it to be fun from the very start!
  • Given to the huge size of the Grand Palladium Resort, knowing every little inch of the resort, all its places, services and secrets was a little hard on a single visit. Our Segway X2 machines can definitely help.
  • The Grand Palladium is an authentic “eco resort”. Its operation has been adapting gradually to international standards that grant a maximum environment respect and sustainability. The Resort counts with several awards such as the Earthcheck Earthcheck and the Green Globe. It also works along with environmental organizations such as MARTI. Our Segways contribute to the Resort’s goals as it counts with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery working with electricity.
  • The resort has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. It pays to keep doing our best to make it known to all visitors. The Segway X2 would be helpful for this.
  • Given the fact that the Resort was built for families to enjoy it, it was clear for us that our tour had to be accessible. Despite all the technological jargon behind our machines, they are really easy to use and count with an advanced security system. This makes it so easy to drive that even kids and adults can come to our tours!
  • It was necessary that the Segway tour was certified and of course we were to be the first to receive training in the proper use of equipment, and SEGWAY FUN TOURS is already certified by Segway.
    Segway Fun Tours Resort - 6

That is how our ideas became reality.