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The Zanate

Posted: 2013-07-10

Known as quiscal or zanate (Quiscalus mexicanus), this bird is often mistaken for a raven, although it has nothing to do with one.

We can find this species all over the range of territory from the United States to Peru. It is a very common species in these regions and it is slowly (but steadily) expanding its territory. It usually lives in agricultural areas and suburbs, where it feeds with fruits, seeds and invertebrates. Males can measure 43 cm in length, with a tail almost as long as its entire body. They weigh around 230 g and feature black feathers with an iridescent gloss. Females, however, are smaller. They measure up to 33 cm in length, 125 g in weight, and have brown, matte feathers.

These species have a wide range of strong and strident sounds. In the Yucatán Peninsula, “kau”, “kauyz” or “x’kau” are its Mayan names. Males are called “tzokau”. These birds are extremely intelligent and have adapted perfectly to take advantage of the resources found in most hotels of the zone. A very common sight is to see them flee with fried potatoes and individual sugar or ketchup bags in their beak.

Customer satisfaction results for 2013 are in!

Posted: 2013-02-06

One more year, Segway Fun Tours grows day by day, all thanks to our amazing guides and clients. Everyday, they share their thoughts, opinions and give us their feedback that allows us to make even better tours. Wihout further ado, thank you for helping us improve with your feedback! Visit our Facebook pages to know our results!

Segway Fun Tours at the Grand Palladium Resort
Segway Fun Tours at the Barceló Resort
Segway Fun Tours at the Iberostar Paraíso Golf & Spa

Download your photo from our Facebook Page!

Posted: 2010-12-09

Please visit out Facebook page and look for your photo up for download in our albums! Don’t forget to follow us at SEGWAY FUN TOURS!

The Ceiba, the Mayan sacred tree

Posted: 2010-12-09

The ceiba, a giant tree symbol of life, longevity, greatness, beauty, strength and union, entered the divine world on precolonial times when it was considered sacred by the natives who used to celebrate their rituals under its shadow. For ancient mayans, the ceiba represented the communication between the heavens and the underworld. Mayan people of today also respect it as a synonym of wisdom and resistance.

Una antigua ceiba

It also portrayed the foundation of the universe, with experts saying that this belief comes from the thought that the ceiba’s branches are close to the heavens, the trunk in our world and roots in the underworld. Other mayan cosmologists said that the ceiba opens its major branches towards the four cardinal points, aligning itself with the gods who rule the winds and rains. As taught by the legends, its roots are said to divide in the underworld where spirits lie, also determining the destiny of the physical world.
In Cuba, there is a monument called El Templete, built in 1828 where the first mass and the first cabildo was supposed to take place in 1519 in La Habana. Near the Templete there is a ceiba linked with the tradition that every 15th of november at midnight on the evening of La Habana’s anniversary, people walk around the tree three times and ask for a wish.
Beliefs aside, the Ceiba Pentadra Gaertin as its scientific name says, is one of the greatest trees in tropical America, where these species of trees can reach 50 or more meters high, having its trunk and foliage span all over 1600 square meters.

La flor de la ceiba

The ceiba’s fruit produces a type of cotton called “kapoc”, used in the world mainly for life saving jackets for its properties. Also, its seed is used in the production of consumable oil and soaps. The ceiba’s fiber is short, smooth, elastic, and does not cause any allergic reaction, thus it is used for filling pillows, cushions and bed mats. For its lack of nutritive substances, it lacks parasites and thanks to its flammability, it is used in pyrotechnic pieces.

All these facts support the mayan wisdom to catalog the ceiba as a sacred tree.

Next to come!

Posted: 2010-11-11

Dear friends,

We want to share with you some of the new crazy ideas that we have in our mind in order to provide our site and our Facebook site with more content. Unfortunately our regular jobs do not allow us to do it as fast as we would like but one thing is for sure, we will do it with the same dedication as usual. So, these are some of the things that will be soon available both in our site and in Facebook:

  • We will take pictures of each one of the persons who will do the tour. All these pictures will be uploaded to our web site and to Facebook. It will be very easy for them to go to our sites and to download their pictures. Of course this will be completely free.
  • A new section to talk about the flora and fauna of the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya and of the Yucatan Peninsula. Apart from pictures you will have the chance to know something more about each plant, tree or animal we will talk about. Tendremos una sección
  • Another one dedicated to traditions, curiosities, history, etc., about México and also about the mayan culture of this region. This will be the place to learn about “cochinita Pibil, food receipts, cenotes, temazcal, tequila, the turquoise Caribbean Sea. We will even toak about hurricanes, why not?
  • We will inform daily of the level of satisfaction of our tour. Those who have dared to do our tour are always asked to fulfill a questionnaire as it is really important for us to have their feedback in order to have the chance to correct anything that we are not doing right or to improve anything according to your suggestions. We can proudly say that, being 10 the best possible result, we are always over 9,5.
  • Links or banners to other sites we consider part of our family, for so many reasons (; www.,, and, of course, to and

Of course, we will be more than happy to receive your suggestions.

Many thanks for your support


Our Own SEGWAY Tour Company

Posted: 2010-09-24

Some time ago, a good old friend of mine told me about the possibility to have our own SEGWAY Tour Company. I honestly though he was nuts. Such an investment is something you have to think about. However, after doing a extend research on the web and specially after knowing what owners and users of these amazing machines thought about them, I thought it was worth it to try one of these machine and then, once knowing how they work…decide what to do.

So we contacted with SEGWAY México last year. At the end they were thinking about having a tour in Playa del Carmen so, as they were going to have some machines in the area, we could test one of them. As a matter of fact they do have this tour in Playa del Carmen with the same model. On a very sunny Sunday they brought us three machines. I took one, Sergio took another one and Alba took the third one. All I can say is that as soon as I stepped on my machine I thought “Wow”! We felt in love with them. So easy to use, so funny, so unique, completely different to anything I have used in my life until then. It rocks! You have to try it to understand what I mean.

Since that first day it was clear for me how the tour was going to be. If there is anyone who knows and loves this resort so much…that’s me. It is easy to sell something when you love it. Well, it is really easy to love a place like this, right?

For so long I have been trying to find the way to help our guests to get to know all the things they can enjoy in the Grand Palladium Resort. There is no other place like this one. There is such a variety of places than most of the guests do not have time to visit all of them. Our SEGWAY tour fulfills this. At a very, very reasonable price you have the chance to use a unique and funny machine, with the most advanced technology, respectful with the environment and to enjoy different locations of incredible beauty.

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