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Our Own SEGWAY Tour Company

Posted: 2010-09-24

Some time ago, a good old friend of mine told me about the possibility to have our own SEGWAY Tour Company. I honestly though he was nuts. Such an investment is something you have to think about. However, after doing a extend research on the web and specially after knowing what owners and users of these amazing machines thought about them, I thought it was worth it to try one of these machine and then, once knowing how they work…decide what to do.

So we contacted with SEGWAY México last year. At the end they were thinking about having a tour in Playa del Carmen so, as they were going to have some machines in the area, we could test one of them. As a matter of fact they do have this tour in Playa del Carmen with the same model. On a very sunny Sunday they brought us three machines. I took one, Sergio took another one and Alba took the third one. All I can say is that as soon as I stepped on my machine I thought “Wow”! We felt in love with them. So easy to use, so funny, so unique, completely different to anything I have used in my life until then. It rocks! You have to try it to understand what I mean.

Since that first day it was clear for me how the tour was going to be. If there is anyone who knows and loves this resort so much…that’s me. It is easy to sell something when you love it. Well, it is really easy to love a place like this, right?

For so long I have been trying to find the way to help our guests to get to know all the things they can enjoy in the Grand Palladium Resort. There is no other place like this one. There is such a variety of places than most of the guests do not have time to visit all of them. Our SEGWAY tour fulfills this. At a very, very reasonable price you have the chance to use a unique and funny machine, with the most advanced technology, respectful with the environment and to enjoy different locations of incredible beauty.