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About The Segway

In 2001, Dean Kamen announced the first personal means of transport with auto-balance and zero harmful emissions: the SEGWAY PERSONAL TRANSPORTER (PT). Founded over the vision of developing highly efficient transporting solutions, with zero emissions, using dynamic stabilization technology, the development of the SEGWAY machine focused in creating something that took the minimum space and something that was extremely maneuverable through walkways and paths. In 2006 came the second generation of SEGWAY PT. The new models had the “leanSteer” technology with an digital infokey, making the device much more intuitive with more useful and new functions.

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The SEGWAY X2 offers an unparalleled performance in terrains with a minimal environmental impact. With its off road tires, li-ion batteries and a specially developed software, the SEGWAY X2 makes a stroll through nature, the beach or a dusty road much more pleasurable. The low pressure tires found in the X2 balance the machine and minimize the trail left by them. The X2 can drive over a great variety of terrains such as grass, sand and gravel with no problem.

The X2 counts with the “leanSteer” technology and the infokey digital controller. These technical feats make the driving feel much more intuitive and exciting, providing information about the whole drive to control the tour from start to finish. The li-ion batteries feeds the SEGWAY X2 with its high capacity storage that lasts up to 20Km in a single charge. The SEGWAY also counts with some resistant protections to keep gravel and sand from the user during the turns.

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