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Benefits of a SEGWAY authorized tour

  1. The operators count with the most up to date information and training from SEGWAY
  2. The tours follow security instructions followed by SEGWAY, promoting a safe, relaxing experience
  3. Personalized tours
  4. The tours are respectful and friendly with the peasants and the environment

    Segway Authorized Tour

Segway Fun Tours at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya

Our tours start everyday at 09:15, 11:15, 13:30 and 15:30 Hrs in our meeting point at the Colonial / Kantenah Pool.

Here are some tips before the tour:

  • Bring sneakers, sports or closed shoes
  • Bring sunscreen lotion
  • Bring a photo camera (we will be making some stops in some highlight points to take great pictures)

Before the tour starts, the tour guides will give an explanation on the operation of the SEGWAY X2, according security measures to be respected and a brief explanation of the whole tour. We will practice for a few minutes in the sand before we leave.

The tour will start by the Grand Palladium Colonial/Kantenah pool. You will have to get used to the amazed stare of curious guests. It never really stops surprising people to see these machines around the resort.
Our guides will lead the way through the crocodile cage as we pass by the “Black & While Jr. Club”. This is a club exclusive for teens which has:

  • Room with pool tables, mini football and a 52” screen with a Wii. Here take place countless number of activities.
  • Playstation Room (with PS2 and PS3), X-box room, PC room with free internet acces and online games.

Our next stop will be the pool “El Rinconcito”; one of the little secrets in this resort. We will go around the pool and follow our tour guides to villas 46 and 47, going through the ecological walkway. In our way, we may see huge iguanas, “sereques”, squirrels, woodpeckers or other jungle animals, among many labeled trees. Halfway through, there is an orchidarium for those who want to admire this beautiful flower. This walkway will lead us to the Kantenah huts near the beach.
Once we reach the beach, we advice asking our guide about the “aluxe”; a naughty gnome from the mayan mythology said to live around the resort’s huts. Then, it’s time for a test drive on the sand! We will dodge palm trees and hammocks as we make our way through the beautiful beach. This part of the beach is where the Royal Suites Yucatán guest can spent the day, with the following services:

  • Modern Balinese beds
  • Premium drink service and sandwich assortment
  • Waiter service

If the shore allows us, we well drive almost near the water, leaving the resort limit into the virgin beach to enjoy a delightful view. Here, our guide will tell us about turtles and their nesting process in this beach, the resort’s commitment to this cause and how it helps the preservation of the environment.
On our way back to the resort, we can stop by “La Jarra” bar to get a drink for those who need to quench their thirst or use the rest rooms.
We will follow our tour guide through hut 36 into the golf kart road to one of the three plant sanctuaries in the resort. All plants around the resort are grown either here or in one of the other two. Our guide will also explain how the Grand Palladium helps preserve the environment. We will pass the flamingos by at the Kantenah resort and make a brief stop at the industrial part of the resort to know what’s so special about it.
Heading to the Colonial lobby, we will go to the resort’s chapel “Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves”. It is a beautiful construction inspired in the colonial spanish style and our guide will give us a little background on it. Our guide will then lead us through another ecologic walkway to the adults pool at Colonial. This is one of the quieter places in the resort, open from 8:00 Hrs to midnight. From there, we will head to the Sports Center, which has the following facilities:

  • 2 soccer fields with artificial lawn
  • 2 paddle tennis courts
  • 6 tennis courts
  • 2 basketball courts
  • 2 badminton courts
  • 1 beach volleyball court
  • 2 shuffleboard
  • Archery and carbine shooting

Leaving the Sports Center, we’ll go to the Riviera through the White Sand and its Mayan Suites where our guide will tell us some secrets about this area. In the Riviera resort, we will learn about some characteristics and facts about the mangrove, to later head to the Chill Out pool “Las Rocas”. We will make a stop here for those who want to have a drink or enjoy the view. Leaving the pool, we will face yet another challenge: a bumpy, rocky road. It’s really fun to drive our off-road SEGWAY X2 through the rocky way to Punta Emilia; the 24hour Snack Bar and Restaurant.
We will finish our tour with an amazing drive through the beach, passing by the water activity center, the Colonial Snack Bar and the two beach volleyball courts to then park our SEGWAYS X2 right where we got them.
At the end of the tour, the guides will ask for feedback, comments, opinions and they will hand a questionnaire since this is a brand new activity. Your thoughts are very important for us, since we want to give the most enjoyable, fun and innovative experience in the best place that could be done: the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya.